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The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos is a meeting that takes user stories and turns them into clean and thorough Gherkin scenarios. It involves three voices (at least):

  • The product owner - This person is most concerned with the scope of the application. This involves translating user stories into a series of features. As the tester comes up with edge cases, the product owner is responsible for deciding what is within scope.
  • The tester - This person will be generating lots of scenarios, and lots of edge cases. How will the application break? What user stories have we not accounted for within these features?
  • The developer - This person will add many of the steps to the scenarios, and think of the details that go into each requirement. How will this application execute? What are some of the roadblocks or requirements behind the scenes?

These conversations can produce great tests because each amigo is able to see the product from a different angle. If the tests are being developed before the application is built, these conversations will also be clarifying for all parties going forward and help to develop a shared (ubiquitous) language for the product.

Finally, there is no reason to limit these meetings to three people, or to only hold one at the beginning of the project. Continually refine your features and collaborate with everyone to best understand how to talk about, develop, and test your application.

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