Cucumber Expression - Java Heuristics

Java doesn’t provide a literal syntax for regular expressions, so they have to be specified as strings. Cucumber uses heuristics to determine if a string should be interpreted as a Cucumber Expression or a Regular Expression.

The table below describes the heuristics, along with some examples

Expression Type Explanation

strings are cukexp by default


When there are no special characters, a Cucumber Expression is always assumed.

^definitely a regexp$


The presence of anchors assumes a Regular Expression, even if only one of the anchors are present.

/surely a regexp/


Forward slashes always assumes Regular Expression. The slashes themselves are removed.

this (.+) like a regexp


If there are capture groups, assume Regular Expression.

this look(s) like a cukexp


Parenthesis containing only alphabetic characters are not considered Regular Expression capture groups, but Cucumber Expression optional text.

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